Colors and Moments is a project that I have been thinking about for some time now but that I really started in May 2013 ... Having worked as colorscript for various animated features, the idea came to translate the scenes of my daily life in abstract coloured timelines like I do for films. These paintings reflect moments of the day by their colorful moods but also by their pace, their dilution,... I therefore first started with small formats representing a whole day based on my notes, video and photos taken throughout the day ...
Then, it came to me the idea to group these elements on canvases of 150 cm x 100 cm which they would represent a month ...
Le mois d'Octobre, ci dessous, se fait photographier dans les studios Traces de Lumière
To finally present it to the public in Brussels:
Exhibition Colors & Moments 
(Galerie Au Rayon Vert , Bruxelles)
I also collaborated with the fashion brand Mia Zia and decorated them Pop up store
A collective exhibition:  Carte De Visite 2014
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